Time Management

Connect your calendars to your other time management tools to work more efficiently. Line up dates, tasks, and meetings all in one place, so you never miss a beat!

Time Management

Write down events into a table

Do you have your calendar packed with meetings that require you to review their effectivity afterwards? Let Integromat automatically write down all your events into a table that you can send to whatever communication channel you like. You can then add your notes! You can use this table as sort of a monthly report for your boss. Show more 

Deadline notification

Is the deadline for filling up the VAT forms coming and you still don’t have everything you need from some of the departments in your company? Connect your calendar with Integromat and let your colleagues know about the deadlines! Believe us when we say that when they receive a notification that the VAT deadline is coming up, they will deliver everything they have to rather quickly. Show more 

Information about free terms

Do you have a packed calendar working as a hairdresser, but get a call from a customer excusing himself for not being able to make it from time to time, thus having a few moments of rest during a busy day? Let Integromat notify others on social networks that you have a free term in your calendar! Maybe there’s someone who just needs a haircut and the timeframe you provided is more than satisfactory for him! Show more 

Absence notification

Are you a straight A, hard working student who wants to always pay attention at his lectures, but a mere idea of a turned-off phone is sending you into a frenzy? If that is the case, you can pair your calendar with your lecture schedule. This way, you can let everyone know that you’re attending a lecture and aren’t available. Show more 

Connect all your calendars

All programs and applications that you use on daily basis have their own calendars? Are you getting lost in the sheer volume of them? Then connect them all into a single transparent one. All new events will be automatically marked in this calendar and you can even configure it to notify you via an SMS message or any other preferred service. With this service, you won’t ever miss a conference again! Show more