Software Development

Supporting the most common database types and developer tools, Integromat’s automation abilities help you to develop apps faster and more efficiently. Concentrate on the creativity and leave the monotonous tasks to us.

Software Development

HTTP(S) calls

The built-in HTTP support allows you to make HTTP requests within your scenarios. The scenario can then process the obtained data and send it, for example, as a JSON document to a HTTP address you specify.


Working with database systems in Integromat is on saved procedures. Thanks to them, you can easily define input and output parameters, control transactions and define access rights. Data types and validations are then monitored by Integromat for you.


You can create your own webhooks in Integromat – webhooks, that accept any data from your systems. We support JSON, Form Data, Multipart Form Data and Query String. If you’re processing data sent by email, you can use the so called mailhooks. You will receive a special mailbox, to which you can send your emails.


Do you need to create a HTML table from input data? Would you like to aggregate received email attachments into a ZIP archive? No problem! Integromat comes with numerous preset aggregation modules that will let you easily and quickly create customized aggregation solutions that suit exactly your needs. In addition, you also have the option to use standard aggregation functions, such as SUM, COUNT, AVG, MIN or MAX.

Regular Expressions

Thanks to the RegExp module, you can parse even very complex texts. The parsed values can be used in other modules.


Working with the JSON documents in Integromat is easy and intuitive. Module Parse JSON can parse any document to a structure that Integromat can understand, thus allowing you to pass the parsed data into other modules. In contrast to that, Create JSON module can transform the processed data back into a JSON document. Nested arrays and objects are fully supported.


Are you tired of studying foreign API specs? Are you encountering problems with incomplete docs? Leave that to us – we have implemented a huge amount of API that we always keep up to date and expand. Integromat is also offering you a great environment when it comes to user experience, transparent debugging or detailed history.

Connect development and customer support

If you use different systems for customer support (Zendesk, Salseforce, Trello, Asana, ...) and development (GitHub, Bitbucket, ...) it is surely important for you to automatically connect these systems together. Thanks to Integromat, you don’t have to go out hunting for your own solutions for this problem, since we support all necessary APIs. The automation can be easily configured in our graphical editor. Show more