Project Management

Perfect your projects. Create projects, notes and notifications automatically. Eliminate mistakes that could happen during the process.

Project Management

Adding documents to a project

Do you work with a project managing software at work? Do you get mails with documents attached that need to be used by your colleagues while working on a certain project? In that case you need to add these documents to the relevant projects. Wouldn’t it be better if you could connect a specific inbox folder with Integromat and your project management program, so that Integromat could sort this all out for you? Show more 

Saving all of your project’s documentation

Do you need to save all documents that your co-workers were attaching to projects in your program to be in a single folder that you can then send over to your boss? Integromat can do all this for you! Whenever there’s a new document attached to a project, it gets saved to a specific folder, zipped and sent through your preferred communication channel. Show more 

Creation of notes regarding a project

Is your inbox for a specific project not organized enough for you to navigate it with ease? Then let all the emails be sent into a program for note-managing, where you can go through them easily. Show more 

Creation of a project after its payment

You don’t want to waste your time with projects that your customers can’t pay for? In that case, you can let Integromat create a project only after a customer pays his invoice. This way, you won’t ever waste time with projects that no one ever pays for. Show more