Online stores

Fully automate your e-shop to create a seamless experience for your customers. Integromat will do all the repetitive work for you. Your customers will be served quicker and more content will be provided at the same time.

Online stores

Tracking Web Traffic

Are you tracking the web traffic on your website? Integromat can do this for you! If the traffic falls under a predetermined level, Integromat will let you know via your preferred communication channel. Show more 

Bulk info about a new product

Do you use hosting for sending out bulk mail? Connect it with your e-shop via Integromat and let it automatically send out information regarding new products to everyone on your mailing list. You can also do this when the Christmas sales hit, or you have a new vacancy. Show more 

Assigning of received payments to invoices

Integromat can automatically associate received payments on your bank account with invoices in your invoice system. You don’t have to do anything manually, since everything will be done automatically and instantly. Show more 

Invoice creation for your orders

Connect your e-shop with your invoice program. Whenever there’s a new order in your e-shop, there will always be a new invoice created in your invoice program. Show more 

Assigning of received payments to orders

Do you have to check payments on your bank account and carefully assign them to the respective orders every day? You don’t have to waste your time with that anymore. Integromat can connect your e-banking with your accounting program! The order will automatically be associated with a payment and in case that there’s an order not meeting a specific criterion, you will get notified through your preferred communication channel. Show more 

Updating your stock

Do you supply smaller e-shops with goods and whenever there’s a model that’s out of stock, you have to sit down in front of your PC and message everyone? What if you forget about someone, who’s going to continue offering this model on his website? This won’t ever happen to you again thanks to a unique connection of your stock system, communication channel and subscriber list (in any application). Integromat will notify everyone if there’s a relevant change happening. Show more 

Marking orders into a table

Are you marking your received orders into a table before you prepare it? Let Integromat do the dirty work for you! Every received order will be marked in a table and you will have a clear summary of the goods you need to prepare. Show more 

Information about goods being in stock

Do you have a certain product in stock and want the highest number of customers to know about it? Integromat can send a notification via social networks or email to your customers! This information can also be sent to your sellers or sales representatives via a preferred communication channel, so that they know, that there is new stock that they can sell. And you won’t ever forget to notify them, since Integromat can do all this automatically. Show more 

Notification regarding changes

In case you don’t always have access to your web store, let Integromat send you notifications regarding new orders. The notifications can be delivered to your phone, email or other services. You can even customize it so that your storekeeper gets notified about the order! Show more