By automating your marketing streams you can create more effective ads, receive faster reporting of campaign results, and better monitoring of social networks. Let Integromat always keep you apprised of your presence.


Track social media mentions of your brand or product

It is important to track what people are saying about your company or products. Integromat allows you to track your company´s social media performance in real time. Show more 

Sending out info for your customers

Do you have a restaurant and would love to let your guests know what you have for lunch? You can of course send out the info yourself via social media, emails or SMS, but wouldn’t it be better to let Integromat do all this for you? Integromat can download the info from your app and send it out to anyone you want. Nobody will miss out on anything and you’ll always have a packed tavern! Show more 

Approval of a new leaflet

Did you create a new leaflet which should be used to advance your business, but need to get other colleagues from the marketing department to approve it? Forget about having to call them one by one and having to explain the situation! Integromat can make a new task where everyone can post a comment. Integromat will let everyone know that there is a new task, so nothing will slip past your colleagues.

Save new contacts

Did your customers fill out an attendance list with their contact information? Are you awaiting a load of work with having to transcribe all that info into your apps? Don’t worry! We have a solution. All you have to do is to create a table with the contacts and Integromat will automatically import them to the applications of your choosing. Show more 

Notification about a new review

Are your customers reviewing your sales representatives? You can automatically let them know through your preferred communication channel that there’s a new review. This way, you can let them know about a positive or negative feedback immediately. Show more 

Putting customers on your blacklist

Is any of your customers sending you spam on your communication channels? Integromat can automatically put him on your blacklist. Show more 

Sending out questionnaires to all contacts

Would you like to send your new questionnaire to all your contacts in other applications than in the one where you created it? Integromat can help you with this one. It simply connects the apps together! Show more 

Message regarding a filled out questionnaire

Did you create a new questionnaire for your customers and now patiently await its results? Let Integromat send you new questionnaire data on your preferred communication channel. This way, you will always know how successful a questionnaire is. Show more 

Bulk info about a new product

Do you use hosting for sending out bulk mail? Connect it with your e-shop via Integromat and let it automatically send out information regarding new products to everyone on your mailing list. You can also do this when the Christmas sales hit, or you have a new vacancy. Show more