Customer Support

Elevate your customer support standards with Integromat. Connect your customer support systems, automate department communication, handle complaints and solve problems. Try it today!

Customer Support

Navigate your customers

Do you have a store in a hidden location and your customers often have difficulty finding it when they want to pick up their online purchases? Send them automatically GPS coordinates of your address and navigate them to your store.

Connect your customer support systems

Do you handle customer support in multiple communication channels and have to sign in to all the channels you use every day? Integromat will interconnect all of them. Every time you log on to your computer, you will get a notification how many customer requests and issues you have received in total. And if you happen to forget about any of these customer requests, Integromat will send you an alert. Show more 

Handling a customer complaint

Do you receive complaints from your customers? You can set Integromat to automatically create new notes for every new complaint regarding your employee's performance so that you can reflect it when it comes to paying out bonuses. And when you receive a product complaint, Integromat can automatically create a project and notify the right people so that they can start the problem solving. Once the problem is resolved, Integromat will automatically close the project and send an email of apology to your client. It can also document this incident in your accounting system so that you don't forget to give this customer a discount of his/her next purchase as an apology for the inconvenience. Show more 

Customer Service Problem Solving

Problem solving in customer service is not easy, but it can be easier thanks to Integromat. Let Integromat automatically create a task as soon as you receive a problem description from your customer and assign the task to the right person. Once s/he fixes the problem, the task will be automatically deleted and your customer informed that the issue has been resolved. Show more 

Translate messages from foreign customers

Would you like to have a direct contact with your customers abroad who speak languages that you cannot understand? Integromat will automatically interconnect what is needed and arrange for online translator to translate their messages and send them to you. This way you will immediately know what your customers write. Show more 

Send personal replies to your customers

Do you want to show your customers that you care and read their emails even if you are out of office attending a training seminar? Set Integromat to send you a notification every time you receive an email from your customers so that you can immediately inform them that you will handle their requests as soon as possible. Sure, you could set up an automatic reply, but your customers will certainly appreciate your personalized approach. Show more 

Forward emails, SMS messages and other input information from different communication channels to your support portal

Consolidate all support requests received via various communication channels in one place.

Receive VIP customers tickets via email or mobile phone

Would you like to provide your VIP customers with prompt response and quick action? Let Integromat watch your support ticket system. When a VIP customer submits a request for support, Integromat will immediately resend it to your email or mobile phone.

Connect development and customer support

If you use different systems for customer support (Zendesk, Salseforce, Trello, Asana, ...) and development (GitHub, Bitbucket, ...) it is surely important for you to automatically connect these systems together. Thanks to Integromat, you don’t have to go out hunting for your own solutions for this problem, since we support all necessary APIs. The automation can be easily configured in our graphical editor. Show more 

Reclamation information

Did your customer send you goods for reclamation? Reclamations can often be very time consuming and have to be watched carefully, since nobody wants the claim to expire. Why not leave it all for Integromat, then? It can automatically create a new task from a reclamation and the reclamation technicians can comment on the said task and have their say regarding the claim. The reclamation claim will also be posted on your calendar and if it won’t get resolved in the agreed upon timeframe, you will get notified. When the claim is resolved, the task will close and Integromat will inform your customer. All done! Show more