Email generatedINSTANT

Triggers each time an email is generated. Can be used to send notifications from your own email account. Note that the SuperSaaS mail server will stop sending mail when this webhook exists.


New appointmentINSTANT

Triggers for each new appointment on your schedule.



Triggers each time a new user registers on your SuperSaaS account.


Changed userINSTANT

Triggers for each change to a user in your SuperSaaS account. A new user also counts as a change.



Triggers each time a user submits a new stand-alone form. Does not trigger for forms that are filled out as part of an appointment or user sign up.


Changed appointmentINSTANT

Triggers each time an appointment changes on your schedule. A new appointment also counts as a change.


Reminder / Follow upINSTANT

Triggers on a reminder or a follow up. Note that SuperSaaS will stop sending the reminder or follow up while this web hook exists.

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About SuperSaaS

SuperSaaS is an extremely customizable appointment scheduling system that fits many different needs.

  • Use it stand alone or integrate it with your website or Facebook page
  • Configure pricing rules, vouchers and online payment options
  • Create waiting lists, custom forms, and extend it using the API and webhooks
  • Send automated confirmations and reminders
  • Supports 29 languages, most currencies & all time zones
  • Free version for trial and non-commercial use

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