Perfect visualization of everything you do

Thanks to the Integromat´s visualization capabilities, you can watch in real time how your automation is executed and data flows through your scenario.

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Detailed information about each run

All operations performed by Integromat when executing a scenario are logged. This allows you to easily view which data was processed in which run (even logs from several days ago).

And if you would like to use Integromat and don't want us to store any transmitted data, you can always turn the logging off.

Functions as you know them from Excel

Sometimes you may need to sum multiple values or move a date value forward a few days. Then you will certainly appreciate the possibility to use functions in the same way as you use them in Excel. Integromat comes with the most commonly used functions for working with text, numbers, dates and arrays. New ones are regularly added.

Choose where to start

Do you need to process data created before activating your scenario? No problem - Integromat allows you to easily choose if you want to retrieve data from a specific date in the past or from the moment your scenario is run. You also have the possibility to view a list of already existing items and select from which item you want to start.

We connect almost anything

With Integromat, you have at your disposal a number of neutral packages, such as HTTP, with which you can call any URL address. In combination with integrated support for OAuth 2 authorization and JSON package, we give you the power to communicate with a vast majority of modern APIs. All without writing a single line of code.

HTTPProcess a HTTP(S) requestJSONParse JSON


Built-in routers let you easily duplicate data processed in Integromat. Using routers, you can divide your scenario into multiple routes and process the data within each route differently. In addition, you can, of course, filter the data passing through all routes.

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Aggregations and iterations

Built-in iterators are special modules that allow to split data into multiple parts so that they can be processed separately. If you receive, for example, an email with multiple attachments, iterators will enable you to handle each attachment separately.

Aggregators, on the other hand, merge individual data into a single bundle. Using the Archive module, you can, for example, create a ZIP archive of files contained in a specific folder and send it as email attachment.

EmailRetrieve attachmentsArchiveCreate an archive

Error handlers

Error handlers are a very unique feature of Integromat. They will allow you to effectively deal with unexpected exceptions. You can easily create an error handler route with a custom logic and filters for any module in your scenario. This route will then handle any exception occurred during the execution of the scenario. In addition, you have the possibility to insert special directives and specify how to continue execution if an error occurs.

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Why use Integromat?

Integromat works for you

Integromat will connect the apps, services and devices you use into functional scenarios and allow you to get rid of repetitive tasks. Let Integromat work for you and save your time.


Maximum reliability and data security is our top priority. We use the most modern method and tools to keep your data secure.

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Anyone can do it

We will easily and quickly connect the apps, services and devices you use. You don't need to be a programmer or advanced user. With Integromat, you will be able to automate your workflow yourself.

Expanding possibilities

We can connect dozens of third party applications, services and devices with each other. We continuously add support for new ones and expand possibilities for automation.

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We can do much more than just connecting two apps or services with each other. Integromat offers nearly unlimited possibilities. You can define as many conditions and tasks as you want. We connect anything.

Continuous development

We continuously add new functions and features. We have plenty of ideas to implement. Moreover, your suggestions inspire us to make Integromat better every day.

Ready-to-use integrations

Integromat comes with hundreds of scenarios which are predefined and ready to use. These scenario may inspire you to come up with your own ideas of what you can automate and what Integromat can do for you to simplify your work routines.

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