Iterators are special types of modules that allow you to split a large bundle into multiple smaller bundles. The results returned are then passed one after another to subsequent modules. The examples below show how iterations work in Integromat.

Processing a single email with two attachments

The example on the right demonstrates how the module, Iterate attachments extracts two attachments from a single email message, and sends them one after another to the next module.

EmailWatch emails1EmailIterate attachments1FTPUpload a file2

Processing two email messages with two attachments

The trigger in this example is set to return more than one bundle at once. Thanks to this setting, the scenario can process several attachments from several bundles at once.
More information about triggers and the possibility of processing multiple bundles at once, can be found in the Triggers section.

EmailWatch emails1EmailIterate attachments2FTPUpload a file4

Processing two email messages with two attachments in two cycles

If you set a scenario to be run in multiple cycles, the execution of the scenario will look like this example. The advantages of setting multiple cycles for a scenario execution run are described in the Cycles section.

EmailWatch emails2EmailIterate attachments4FTPUpload a file8

Video tutorial - Iterators and Aggregators