Unlike iterators, aggregators are modules that allow you to compose multiple bundles into one.

Send the contents of a folder from Dropbox to your mailbox

This simple example shows the basic principle of iteration. The Gmail module runs separately for each file found on Dropbox.

As you can see in the diagram, if a scenario finds 3 files on Dropbox, it will send 3 email messages. In most cases, however, you may want to send these files in one single email as attachments. The Integromat aggregators are designed for this purpose.

DropboxWatch files1GmailSend an email3

Send the contents of a folder from Dropbox to your mailbox in one email with attachments

In this example we use the Array aggregator, which aggregates the files from Dropbox into an array and subsequently passes this array on to Gmail. Gmail will receive a single email that has the 3 attachments in it.

Please note, that aggregation is counted as one operation, regardless of the number of bundles processed during aggregation.

DropboxWatch files1Flow ControlArray aggregator1GmailSend an email1

Send the contents of a folder from Dropbox to your mailbox as a zipped email attachment

The picture shows how Integromat creates a zip archive file of the 3 Dropbox files and sends the zip file as an email attachment.

DropboxWatch files1ArchiveCreate an archive1GmailSend an email1

Sum values from a CSV file and send a push notification to Google Chrome with the result

Aggregators are able to process any kind of data, not just files. With Integromat, you have at your disposal several aggregators for working with texts, numbers, arrays or tables.

The example shows a numerical aggregator, which performs the SUM function on the values received from the CSV parser. The sum of the values is then sent via a push notification to Google Chrome.

CSVParse CSV1ToolsNumeric aggregator1ChromeSend a notification1

Integromat supports nested aggregations

The following scenario will fetch all your email messages received yesterday and search them for attachments. All found attachments will be compressed into a single zip archive and uploaded to OneDrive. In addition, Integromat will create a list of all uploaded files and store it in your database.

GmailWatch emails1GmailIterate attachments1ArchiveCreate an archive1OneDriveUpload a file1ToolsText aggregator1MySQLExecute a stored procedure1

Video tutorial - Iterators and Aggregators