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Connect server data to Facebook without any coding.

Integromat is a trusted FB Marketing Partner.

With Integromat, you have the power to connect your on-site server data to your Facebook Business Event Manager via the Facebook Conversions API without coding. Tell me more

Integromat is an integration platform that allows you to connect apps and automate workflows without any coding or need for a development team.

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Optimize Facebook Ads with server data

The golden age of exclusively using browser data to optimize Facebook Ads campaigns is coming to an end with the phasing out of third-party cookies.

Facebook has come up with a solution to help you effectively advertise on Facebook using your server data.

Connect your data through the Facebook Conversions API to measure and optimize your campaigns.

Easily collect and send server data
with Integromat

The Missing Glue Integromat

Integromat allows you to integrate your server data, no code required.

Get more control over which events are tracked and sent

Increase data security by restricting access to end-user data

Increase flexibility in data sharing by pulling data directly from your server

Protect your data by no longer relying on pixel data or cookies

How to connect server data using Integromat

In a few simple steps, you can build an integration on Integromat using our no-code visual builder that will send your events automatically without your interference.

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Pre-made Solutions

Send new data from Google Sheets to Facebook Conversions APIWhen a new row is retrieved in a Google Sheets spreadsheet, the data from the row is sent to Facebook Conversions API.

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Send new records from Airtable to Facebook Conversions APIWhen new records are created in Airtable, they are sent as new events to Facebook Conversions API.

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Send data from MySQL to Facebook Conversions APIRows are retrieved from a MySQL table and data are sent to Facebook Conversions API.

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Send new leads from Pipedrive to Facebook Conversions APIWhen new leads are created in Pipedrive CRM, a new event lead is sent to Facebook Conversions API.

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