SMS automation

The following examples describe how you can eliminate routine tasks with the help of Integromat and your mobile phone. Create your own customised scenario within a few minutes and save yourself time and money.

For the scenarios below, you need an Android phone with the Integromat mobile application, which you can download and install directly from Google Play.

In the Settings menu tap on SMS.

Choose which events you want Integromat to watch.

Back up new SMS messages you receive on your Android phone to a Google Sheets spreadsheet

Every time you receive a new text message, Integromat will automatically add it to a new row in a Google Sheets spreadsheet. All the SMS, together with the sender's number and reception date, will be saved to Google Sheets.

AndroidNew text message1Google SheetsAdd a row1

Send a group SMS to contacts that are in a Google Sheets spreadsheet

Create a Google Sheets spreadsheet containing your contacts that you want to send group SMS messages to. Don't forget to include the name of the group that each contact belongs to (see the picture below).

Then create another Google Sheets spreadsheet as shown in this picture. You will use this spreadsheet for writing SMS messages and specifying the group your messages shall be sent to.

Every time you fill in a new row in this spreadsheet, Integromat will automatically look up all the contacts belonging to the specified group and send them your SMS.

Google SheetsWatch a worksheet1Google SheetsSelect rows1AndroidSend text message159

SMS contest

Every time someone sends you a text message to enter your SMS contest, the router will evaluate the answer. If it is correct, Integromat will automatically send the winner a congratulations message. If the answer is wrong, Integromat will let them know that too. And everything will be recorded in Excel.

AndroidNew text message1RouterAndroidSend text message1Office 365 ExcelAdd a new worksheet row1AndroidSend text messageOffice 365 ExcelAdd a new worksheet rowYou LOSE!You WIN!

Save SMS messages you receive on your Android phone to your CRM

Every time you receive an SMS message, Integromat will automatically look up the sender's number in your CRM and add this SMS message to the contact's communication history in your CRM. If it does not find the contact, it will create a new one.
After having saved the SMS message, Integromat will send a link to this SMS message with a push notification via Gooogle Chrome to the responsible person.

AndroidNew text message1Pipedrive CRMSearch objects1RouterPipedrive CRMCreate Object1Pipedrive CRMCreate Object1Google ChromeSend a notification1Pipedrive CRMCreate ObjectGoogle ChromeSend a notificationContact exists.Contact is not exists.