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Photos on iOS and Android mobile devices

Do you often use your mobile phone for work? The following examples will show what you can automate with Integromat to increase your work efficiency.

For the scenarios below, you need an Android or iOS phone with the Integromat mobile app, which can be downloaded and installed directly from Google Play and iTunes, respectively. The Integromat mobile app is available completely free of charge.

Upload photos you take on your mobile device to Dropbox (immediately after taking them)

Immediately after you take a photo on your mobile device, this scenario will save your photo to your favorite cloud storage service. It's up to you if you choose DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, FTP or another cloud storage service.

Scenario for iOS, ready for immediate use
Scenario for Android, ready for immediate use

Apple iOSSledovat fotografieDropboxNahrát soubor

Import new photos from a specific folder in Dropbox to your mobile device

This scenario will watch a Dropbox folder that you specify. Whenever a new file is added to this folder, Integromat will automatically save that file to your mobile phone. Of course, you can easily edit this scenario and replace DropBox for any other service, such as e.g. Instagram, GoogleDrive or Facebook.

[Scenario for iOS, ready for immediate use] Scénář pro iOS k okamžitému použití

Scenario for Android, ready for immediate use

DropboxSledovat souboryAndroidNahrát fotografii

Even create complex integrations easily and quickly

Immediately after you take a photo on your Android device, this scenario will send your photo to a selected Facebook group and upload it to Flickr and Box. In addition, Integromat will reduce the photo and send it as an attachment to a specified email address.

Scenario for Android, ready for immediate use

You can easily modify this scenario for iOS.

+svg_scenario(5, 2, 0)

AndroidNová fotografieRouterFacebook skupinyNahrát fotografiiFlickrNahrát fotografiiBoxNahrát souborObrázekZměnit rozměryE-mailOdeslat e-mail