Using Integromat on your mobile phone, you can automatically record and track GPS locations. You can automatically record your driving route, or ensure the safety of your children by tracking their mobile phone location.

For the scenarios below, you need an Android or iOS phone with the Integromat mobile application, which can be downloaded and installed directly from Google Play and iTunes respectively.

In the Settings menu, tap on GPS.

Set the minimum change in distance between notifications that shall be sent to Integromat and/or define the areas you want to watch.

Receive notifications on your iPhone when an Android phone leaves a defined area

In order for this scenario to work, you need to define the areas you want to watch. This is done in the settings of the Integromat mobile app on the Android phone. As for the iOS phone, no special settings are needed, just install the Integromat mobile app on it.

If the Android phone leaves the area that you have defined, the app on the phone will notify Integromat. Integromat will then send an alert to your iOS phone.

You can modify this scenario for any combination of devices iOS - iOS, Android - iOS, Android - iOS, Android - Android, or set Integromat to notify you via email or another service.

AndroidWatch entrances to/exits fromApple iOSSend a push notificationLeaving the area

Record position changes of an Android device into a Google Sheets spreadsheet

You control the frequency at which Integromat receives updates by setting the minimum change in distance between notifications. If location changes at least by the set distance, the mobile device will generate an event and send it to Integromat. The scenario will add the time of generating the event and related GPS coordinates as a new row to your Google Sheets spreadsheet.

AndroidWatch location changesGoogle SheetsAdd a row