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Creating an Open Source Kanban Board for SAP - Focused Build

Create a Kanban board for your SAP Focused Build using Integromat and Taiga.

The problem

Your agile team is using SAP Focused Build to track implementation projects and to ensure maximum traceability of its requirements, documents changes and more. However, they also want Kanban boards to facilitate communication and quickly identify bottlenecks.

The need

A Kanban board for the SAP Focused Build environment.

The solution

Use Integromat to connect SAP Focused Build and Taiga (a free Open Source project management tool) and provide your team with a fully-integrated Kanban board.


The Integromat scenario listens for SAP requests (via webhooks), interprets the information for Taiga, and syncs your Work Items from SAP Focused Build as a Kanban card on the board. 


The benefits

  • Provide your team with a user-friendly Kanban board
  • Sync your board in real-time and choose which information to display in the cards
  • Avoid long-term paid plans with Kanban board apps

Apps used


To see the full tutorial on how to create this integration, please visit this post on SAP's blog, or contact Ibridia for more details. 

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