Automate Your Site Search Capabilities with Site Search 360 and Integromat

So much of your online work can be automated to make your life and business run simpler. What’s presently out there is expensive, limiting, time-consuming and difficult to use. 

What you need is an easy and inexpensive way to connect your apps and services yourself. 

Integromat, an online automation platform, makes it easy for you to connect all of your work apps. 

With Integromat, easily link apps together into functional scenarios through drag and drop command, and without any coding. These scenarios will work for you to transfer and transform your data between your apps as you see fit. 

Simply sit back and see in real-time how your apps are processing and working together. 

Simplify your work. Connect your apps with the missing piece, the glue of the internet, Integromat.

Connect Integromat to Site Search 360 to perfect site search

One of the newest apps we offer to connect with is Site Search 360. 


Site Search 360 (SS360) is a fast, extensive, but simple to install search solution suited for any website. SS360 provides an easy way to add a search field to your website for your users. 

Essentially, SS360 answers your needs if your host or content management system does not provide you an adequate search engine. SS360 employs a more robust search field. 

It provides a fast search, is fully customizable, provides insightful analytics, has the ability to index documents on your site, and of course provides integrations. 

Sharing this app on Integromat allows you to more intuitively use some of the features for SS360, and ultimately expand the scope of this search solution. 

The current modules available include: 

Index progress — Get information about the indexing progress

Index document- You can call this action with the URL of the web page or document (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OpenOffice, etc.) that you want to add to your index.

What can it help you do?

Integromat allows you to connect SS360 to hundreds of apps with thousands of different modules and tools to automate your work in infinite ways. 

Here are some of the top things that Integromat can help you do with SS360:

1. Send new entries from your RSS feed to SS360

integromat-site-search-360 11

Every time there is a new entry in an RSS feed, Integromat will automatically send the URL to SS360 and add it to your index.

Simply map the URL that you want to watch in the RSS feed module, Watch RSS feed items and have your website updated with the new entry for you. 

2. Watch tweets for links and add them to your domain


Every time a watched Twitter handle tweets a message with a link that you are watching for, Integromat will automatically send it to SS360 and add it to your index. 

Simply set the Twitter user you want to watch. This can either be your own or someone else’s. 

Then using the Text parser module Match pattern, Integromat will search for the link you are watching for. So, once a tweet comes through with the matching link it will be sent to the SS360 app and added to your index. 

You can see how easy it is to send links from Twitter to SS360 and RSS feeds to SS360 using Integromat. 

But, it doesn’t stop have to stop there. Imagine almost unlimited possibilities for even more complex tasks, like those with your sitemaps (XML), for example.

How to connect to Integromat?

Before beginning any scenario you have to create a connection, so the services can “talk” to one another. 

Fortunately, connecting your Site Search 360 account to Integromat is simple. Here is an easy to use guide to get you going on your scenarios:

  • First, if you don’t have an account with Integromat yet, start by signing up for one for free at
  • Next, go to your Dashboard and click the Create a new scenario button.
  • When creating your first scenario using Site Search 360, Integromat will prompt you to connect after you choose your module.
  • Click the Add button to begin your connection.
  • Next, it will prompt you for your API Key to connect. You can find your API Key in your Control Panel under API.
  • Paste your key into the panel in Integromat and click Continue.
  • And, that’s it. You have connected Site Search 360 to Integromat.

For a step by step process of how to set up any scenario, follow our easy Creating a scenario guide. 

Welcome SS360 users to Integromat :). 

If this has inspired you or would like to check out our service, visit and try it for free today!

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