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A New Standard for Automation: Data and Process Mining Leader Celonis Acquires Integromat

Basic Facts:

  • Integromat is a Czech automation platform currently serving 10,000+ customers around the globe.
  • Celonis is a global leader in the field of data and process mining based on advanced AI. The company is currently valued at 2.5 billion dollars.
  • The acquisition of Integromat will enable Celonis to offer their customers a first-class automation platform to automate processes across various applications and systems.
  • While Celonis has sole ownership of Integromat, Integromat will still be independently offered under the name ‘Integromat by Celonis’. Thanks to the new investment, Integromat will be able to accelerate the growth and recruitment of new talents.
  • Celonis will implement Integromat in their new platform, Celonis Execution Management System, designed to help companies manage every facet of execution management from analytics, to strategy and planning, management, actions and automations.

October 14, 2020, 4:30 pm CET (Prague, Munich, New York City) - Today, Celonis, a global leader in digital analysis of processes, announced the acquisition of Integromat. The rapidly growing Czech startup appeared on the radar of the German investor due to its unique approach to the automation of processes across applications, platforms, and systems.

The acquisition, which joins together two rapidly-growing successful companies, will enable customers to automate hundreds of systems and processes that people use for everyday tasks.

In this deal, Integromat will continue to operate independently under a new title: ‘Integromat by Celonis’. Celonis will implement Integromat into their strategy of managing and optimizing operational processes (which is known as the “Celonis Execution Management System”), and in their intercompany systems as well.

Ondrej Gaza, CEO and co-founder of Integromat, commented on the acquisition:

This is a rapidly growing market, and we have become used to experiencing annual double growth in sales. At the same time, we see the huge potential of our technology, which combined with Celonis, can define a whole new dimension for systems, processes, and human labour. We see how user-friendly automation needs to be in order for it to be widely accepted within a company. Our steady growth proves that there is a huge demand for a new and completely different environment for automation.

Thanks to the fact that it can connect hundreds of independent applications and platforms, the Integromat solution is nothing short of unique. Tasks, which previously had to be assigned over different interfaces in a complicated manner, are now automatically solved by Integromat.

In the past, only large corporations could afford such tools. Integromat, however, makes automation available for anyone, even for those without any programming knowledge.
The product is being used by an impressive variety of customers, ranging from small businesses to complex organizations like the US Army Corps of Engineers, who use Integromat to automatically solve incidents announced from the field. In this new era of automation, the size of the customer is second to the willingness to innovate and simplify processes.

Alex Rinke, one of the co-founding directors of Celonis says:

“The complexity of systems is mostly caused by rigid and fragmented IT environments in combination with an inability to connect and automate processes, the running of applications and systems. Thanks to Integromat, we can help our customers choose a completely different approach and automate intuitively according to their needs. You have to see it to believe it! Integromat allows anybody in business to create easy automations with the hundreds of apps and systems that people all use in their jobs every day.”

With Integromat joining the ecosystem, Celonis users will be able to create and scale their own automations of manual processes across hundreds of systems. The acquisition of Integromat, its technology, and teams is absolute. Considering the fact that both companies offer their services globally, this represents a globally significant transaction within a rapidly growing market.

Significant gains should be expected for Integromat as well. As a profitable and debt-free company, the acquisition provides new know-how and investment from the new ownership.

Automation is quickly becoming the single most important layer to catapult businesses above and beyond the challenges of our era, and fast, efficient implementations are set to mark the difference between stagnation and growth.

About Integromat

Integromat is a no-code, visual integration platform that lets you connect any apps or APIs to automate and optimize workflows. Integromat is trusted by 150 K businesses globally.


What was the reason for the acquisition?
We first met the founders of Celonis, Alex, Basti, and Martin, three years ago, and we have since been admirers of their company and incredible technology. They too shared the same sentiment with Integromat and over this period of time, we agreed that by bringing our companies together, we could achieve something even bigger.

What does this partnership mean for the future of the Integromat product and brand?
Integromat will continue to operate independently now as Integromat by Celonis . Our mission remains the same, to become the market leader in automation, and now with this partnership, we can double down our investments in our product and further grow Integromat as a company.

How does Integromat fit into the Celonis’ strategy?
Integromat's technology will become part of the Execution Management System, handling the automation part of the Celonis Blueprint. Celonis already built a set of powerful tools and technologies to monitor, analyze, and manage the daily operation processes for enterprise companies. Automation is the logical next step to make the whole system even more intelligent.

What benefits can customers expect as a result of the partnership?
Thanks to having this strong strategic partner in the background, Integromat will be growing much faster. Celonis will significantly support all our growth efforts, including team bandwidth and development capacity. As a result, customers will get new features and more apps sooner.

What benefits can partners expect as a result of the partnership?
Our Partners Network remains one of our top priorities. With Celonis on board, we will be able to provide more resources and tools to support our Partners’ crucial work. This includes priority support, agency plans, more training and learning materials, as well as better lead generation. As we grow, our Partners will grow.

Will Integromat continue to operate in the SMB market?
Yes, Integromat’s core business will continue to operate in the SMB market.

Will the team remain the same?
Yes, the team and founders, CEO, Ondrej Gazda and CTO, Patrik Simek, will remain in their positions. The Integromat office headquarters will also remain in Prague, Czech Republic.

So, what’s next?
Our priorities remain the same. Integromat will continue development on Integromat 2.0 with a tentative release of Q1 2021. Integromat 2.0 will include a number of high demand features including a release of our own API with 300+ endpoints, the ability to process larger volumes of data, along with parallel scenario executions.

Who do I reach if I have a problem or a concern?
For any questions, please create a ticket with customer support and we will help you.

Will pricing and operations stay the same for current users?
Integromat will continue to run independently from Celonis. Offering a pricing plan that is lower than our competitors remains a part of our go-to-market strategy

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