Working with files

Move files between your cloud storage service and FTP. Save photos from a social network site and reduce them in size. Automate everything! File management takes a whole new meaning when you use Integromat.

Working with files

Store email attachments in cloud storage or FTP

Do you need to save attachments that you receive via email such as applications, contest contributions or curriculum vitaes? With the help of a simple scenario, you can easily save them to a cloud or FTP. And if you add a Google Sheet or database module to your scenario, Integromat will automatically record all incoming emails and attachments.

Move files between your cloud storage service and FTP

You can let Integromat watch a specific cloud storage folder (DropBox, OneDrive, Box, Google Drive) for new files being added and upload them to your FTP server. Before the upload is made, Integromat can transform or encrypt the files according to the settings you have configured.

Save photos from a social network site and reduce them in size

Would you love to save yourself some time with saving photos from your profile? Integromat can again do this all for you. When you add a picture to your profile, Integromat will automatically store it in a folder of your preference. In case the file is too large, Integromat will reduce it in size automatically! Show more 

Saving photos from a group

Did you create a group on a a social network with a friend with whom you were on a vacation and would like to back up the awesome pictures you and your friend posted there? Why not let Integromat automatically upload these photos to a new album on your preferred photo sharing site? And if you’d like someone else outside the group to see these pictures but not the related comments made by your friends, Integromat can automatically send all photos via email or save them to a cloud storage folder. Show more