Warnings, notifications and messages

Get notified about upcoming events, both in your professional and personal life. Receive information regarding an accepted payment, regarding a finished task at work, etc.

Warnings, notifications and messages

Message that child is home

Did you make an agreement with child that he/she will regularly call you or text you whenever he/she gets home from school and it’s never happening?? Or you’re getting furious because your child always does a million things that seem to be more important to him/her before you receive the final call or message? What would you say, if you could receive an SMS notification whenever your child’s phone reached certain coordiates.

Inform your colleagues when you're running late

Are you constantly running late for meetings? Have Integromat automatically send an SMS to your colleague letting them know when your in your car and on your way. Unfortunately, they might have to do the apologizing but no guesswork on the arrival time!

Notification about product in stock

Do you have a certain product in stock and want the highest number of customers to know about it? Integromat can send a notification via social networks or email to your customers! This information can also be sent to your sellers or sales representatives via a preferred communication channel, so that they know, that there is new stock that they can sell. And you won’t ever forget to notify them, since Integromat can do all this automatically. Show more 

Claim status notification

Did your customer send you goods for reclamation? Reclamations can often be very time consuming and have to be watched carefully, since nobody wants the claim to expire. Why not leave it all for Integromat, then? It can automatically create a new task from a reclamation and the reclamation technicians can comment on the said task and have their say regarding the claim. The reclamation claim will also be posted on your calendar and if it won’t get resolved in the agreed upon timeframe, you will get notified. When the claim is processed, the task will close and Integromat will inform your customer. All done! Show more 

Notification about the payment

Would you like, as a business representative, to follow the payments of your clients, but you can’t get access to the bank account, since that privilege is reserved only for the accounting department? Then connect your bank, Integromat and a communication channel together and receive notifications on your email whenever there’s a payment from your clients. This way, you will always know the status of your clients without having to wait for an answer from the accounting department. Show more 

New task notifications

Would you like to start assigned tasks as quickly as possible? Get notified through Integromat as soon as a new task is assigned to you. Integromat will send you an alert and you will not miss any important task just because you forgot to check your todo-list. Show more 

Weather forecast one day prior

Are you always wondering what you can wear in the morning? Let Integromat send you weather forecasts the night before, so you can prepare your clothes without any stress! You won’t ever choose the wrong outfit this way. Show more 

Message regarding a new task comment

Did you create a new task in your system and are expecting comments? Let Integromat send these comments to your preferred communication channel to see the reactions! Show more 

Chance of rain!

Do you always feel like it’s raining only when you don’t have an umbrella by your side? This won’t happen ever again thanks to Integromat. You can always get a message alerting you for a chance of rain whenever you leave your house. Show more 

Notifications about payments with a wrong variable symbol

Your invoices have the same variable symbol format. Sometimes, however, a customer can pay with a wrong variable symbol (he can leave out a number, for instance) and thus never receives his ordered goods. We have a solution. Integromat can write down all payments done with a different variable symbol format into a table, so that you can always check if there’s any unlucky customer to be helped. Show more 

Notification regarding changes

In case you don’t always have access to your web store, let Integromat send you notifications regarding new orders. The notifications can be delivered to your phone, email or other services. You can even customize it so that your storekeeper gets notified about the order! Show more