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Saving photos from a group

Did you create a group on a a social network with a friend with whom you were on a vacation and would like to back up the awesome pictures you and your friend posted there? Why not let Integromat automatically upload these photos to a new album on your preferred photo sharing site? And if you’d like someone else outside the group to see these pictures but not the related comments made by your friends, Integromat can automatically send all photos via email or save them to a cloud storage folder.

There are many cloud storage services that you can use to save your photos or documents (for example, Box, Dropbox, FTP, Flickr, OneDrive or Google Drive). Integromat gives you the power to automatically save photos and documents posted in a selected blog or those that you publish on social networks or receive via different communication channels. You can create scenarios that will notify you of new files in a specified cloud storage folder. If needed, you can also let Integromat reduce the size of the files before upload in order not to waste your storage space.

Below you will find integration templates that you can begin to use right away or customize according to your needs. If you don’t find the template you are looking for, you can create it yourself, even without programming knowledge. If you have any questions or need help, contact us. We will be pleased to provide you with assistance and advice.