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Sharing and saving of a certain user’s comment

Are you following a certain user on a social network and don’t want to miss any of his posts? Then let Integromat sort this problem out for you! All comments can be sent into a specified app, where you can check them all out or work with them further.

Social networks allow us to share information. Many companies use different social networks to promote their business and communicate with their customers. Integromat gives you the power to automatically save all customer comments to a spreadsheet or cloud storage such as, for example, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox or Onedrive. Or you can let Integromat create a new Trello card or Evernote note whenever a new comment is added.

Below you will find integration templates that you can begin to use right away or customize according to your needs. If you don’t find the template you are looking for, you can create it yourself, even without programming knowledge. If you have any questions or need help, contact us. We will be pleased to provide you with assistance and advice.