Automate your life with the help of Integromat. Sync your favorite productivity, health, weather and location-tracking apps and become a better version of yourself.


Inform your colleagues when you're running late

Are you constantly running late for meetings? Have Integromat automatically send an SMS to your colleague letting them know when your in your car and on your way. Unfortunately, they might have to do the apologizing but no guesswork on the arrival time!

Weather forecast one day prior

Are you always wondering what you can wear in the morning? Let Integromat send you weather forecasts the night before, so you can prepare your clothes without any stress! You won’t ever choose the wrong outfit this way. Show more 

Information about your blog

Do you like blogging? Would you also like your mom to read your stuff, but she simply refuses to put up with all that pesky technology? Then send your blogposts over to her via email. This way, your mom can get the latest submissions without any problems! Show more 

Sporting activities overview

Would you like to mark down your sporting activities into a table, with which you could work in the future? Integromat can automatically write down all your activities including calories burnt, etc. into a a single table! Show more 

Save all articles dealing with a certain topic

Are you interested in articles dealing with a certain topic? Integromat can select only the articles that have a certain word in them and send them to your email inbox, where you can read them whenever you want. Show more 

Save your SMS messages

Would you like to save the messages your SO is sending you? Let Integromat save all received messages into your notes, where you can read them whenever you want, without them taking so much storage space on your phone.

Chance of rain!

Do you always feel like it’s raining only when you don’t have an umbrella by your side? This won’t happen ever again thanks to Integromat. You can always get a message alerting you for a chance of rain whenever you leave your house. Show more 

Weather forecast for your vacation

Are you ready to make that 14-day trip to your dream destination with a really unstable weather? Then let Integromat send you the latest weather forecast in a clear table, with which you may work in the future. If you upgrade the table and put all your plans for any given day in there, you’ll have yourself a great travel plan. Maybe you’ll learn that on the day of the planned heli-trip, the weather won’t be stellar by any means and you’ll pick a more suitable date! Show more 

Working with your favourite blog

Are you for instance waiting for new recipes on your favourite cooking blog? Share your hobbies with others! Whenever there’s a new recipe on one of your favourite blogs, Integromat can automatically post a notification on your preferred social network (for instance in your “Cooking fanatics” FB group). However, you might also want to send this recipe to your mom, who is not as acquainted with technology as you might be. In that case, Integromat can send the recipe via an email. It can also save all the recipes into notes of an application of your choosing, where you can browse them whenever you so desire. Show more 

Absence notification

Are you a straight A, hard working student who wants to always pay attention at his lectures, but a mere idea of a turned-off phone is sending you into a frenzy? If that is the case, you can pair your calendar with your lecture schedule. This way, you can let everyone know that you’re attending a lecture and aren’t available. Show more