Mobile Apps, Automated

Use your phone to automatically send SMS messages, track your car’s route, automatically backup your messages, or automatically report on your location based on your GPS.

Mobile Apps, Automated

Following new contacts

How about finding out how many new contacts your husband has after that wild party? After connecting Integromat with your phone and a communication channel, you always get alerted when there’s a new contact in your phone.

Vulgarisms in SMS messages

Would you like to know whether or not your child uses swears and curse words, but don’t want to read through all the conversations? You can set up a filter, which will notify you whenever a swear is used. You can see both what words is your child using and what are his favourites by frequency.

Sending photos to your mail inbox

Would you love to send all your new photos to your mom, but don’t want to pay for MMS? Integromat can connect your phone and email and automatically send new photos to whomever you’d like.

Record of someone connecting to your Wifi

Did you allow your kids to connect to your family wifi only after they’ve done their homework? You should also check if they aren’t connecting to other wifis and if so, when is their preferred time of action. Integromat can connect to a phone and create a record of it connecting to wifis.

Phone call records in a table

Let Integromat put all your calls into a table. This way, you can very easily check if your cell provider’s invoices are correct. You can also see, whether or not your employee was busier calling his wife or your customers.

Storing your SMS messages

Would you like to save incoming or outgoing SMS messages (for instance into a table, with which you may work in the future)? Connect Integromat with your phone and let it automatically store your SMS messages (and much more).