Internet of Things

Connect your smart home and use it so that you get the absolute most out of it. Automatically turn off the lights when you leave your home, or maybe heat up the sauna when you come home from work!

Internet of Things

Connecting your Raspberry Pi with DH11 Temperature/Humidity sensor to Inegromat

In this article we will show you how to easily connect a Raspberry Pi with attached DHT11 Temperature/Humidity sensor to Integromat. Show more 

Inform your wife that you’re heading home

Let Integromat automatically notify your wife via an SMS message that you’re in your car, heading home. She will have a much easier time calculating the time necessary for you to come home. This way, you can be welcomed home by a warm supper. But take care! We don’t advise you to make any longer stops along the way if you choose to connect the services! :)