Store email attachments in cloud storage or FTP

Do you need to save attachments that you receive via email such as applications, contest contributions or curriculum vitaes? With the help of a simple scenario, you can easily save them to a cloud or FTP. And if you add a Google Sheet or database module to your scenario, Integromat will automatically record all incoming emails and attachments.

Calling in a meeting

Did you, as an assistant director get the task of calling a meeting of all dealers? Are you afraid that the traders will forget to arrive on time and you will get yelled at? Integromat will send everyone who’s attending an alert on a specified communication channel. Nobody will dare come late! Show more 

Saving and reducing your documents in size

Do you get bombarded by enormous documents from your colleague? Do you waste your precious time because of the need to reduce them all in size before you can save them to a cloud storage folder? Let Integromat do all this for you! All received documents will get reduced in size and saved to whereever you choose. Show more 

Message regarding a new task comment

Did you create a new task in your system and are expecting comments? Let Integromat send these comments to your preferred communication channel to see the reactions! Show more 

Connecting tasks

Are you using multiple programs aimed at productivity? Are you often forgetting tasks, just because you forgot to open the correct program? Then let Integromat automatically create a task in your favourite productivity program whenever there’s a task created in a different program. Show more 

Reclamation information

Did your customer send you goods for reclamation? Reclamations can often be very time consuming and have to be watched carefully, since nobody wants the claim to expire. Why not leave it all for Integromat, then? It can automatically create a new task from a reclamation and the reclamation technicians can comment on the said task and have their say regarding the claim. The reclamation claim will also be posted on your calendar and if it won’t get resolved in the agreed upon timeframe, you will get notified. When the claim is resolved, the task will close and Integromat will inform your customer. All done! Show more 

Following your business‘ reviews

Do you follow all kinds of blogs and reviews to find out whether or not you can find any critique of your firm? Integromat can make all this much easier. Set up a filter of specific terms or words and Integromat will automatically send you articles that feature the name of your firm. Show more 

Email new RSS posts containing a specific keyword

Every time a new post containing a specific keyword is published to a selected RSS feed, Integromat will automatically send an email to a specified address.

Email RSS

Get RSS feed updates in a single email summarizing all posts that contain a specific keyword

Integromat will watch RSS feeds you specify in a Google Sheets spreadsheet for new posts that contain a specific keyword. It will merge all these posts into a single email summary and send it to a specific email address. If you wish to use this template without further modification, you need to create a spreadsheet exactly according to this [example]( In the RSS column, you specify the RSS feeds you want to watch and in the KEYWORD column the keyword to find.

Email Google Sheets RSS Tools

Tweet new RSS feed posts

Every time a RSS feed of your choice is updated with a new post, Integromat will automatically post a tweet on Twitter. This template uses a filter allowing to display only posts that contain a specific word.

RSS Twitter

Publish new RSS posts to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Every time a new article is published on a RSS feed of your choice, Integromat will automatically post it to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Flow Control Facebook LinkedIn RSS Twitter

Send Slack messages for new RSS feed posts containing a specific word

Every time a new article containing a specific word is posted to a selected RSS feed, Integromat will automatically send a message in Slack. This template includes a filter allowing to display only posts that contain a specific word.

RSS Slack

Information about a shipment of goods

Did you load a truck full of goods and want to let your subscriber know when it’s are arriving? Connect your preferred communication channel with your GPS and your stock system via Integromat and let it send your customer the latest info about the shipment. This way, he will know exactly when to expect the goods!