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Detailed comparison

Operations1,000 / month10,000 / month40,000 / month150,000 / month800,000 / month
Data transfer100 MB / month1 GB / month20 GB / month70 GB / month220 GB / month
Minimum interval 15 minutes5 minutes1 minute1 minute1 minute
Maximum number of active scenarios2UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Scenario execution timeout5 minutes10 minutes20 minutes30 minutes40 minutes
Internal data storage1 MB10 MB40 MB150 MB500 MB
Max number of data stores13102040
Max size of a single file5 MB30 MB40 MB50 MB75 MB
Webhook queue size101001,00010,00010,000
Incomplete executions store1 MB10 MB40 MB150 MB500 MB
Price per 10,000 extra operations or 10 GB of data transfer (Add-on)n/a$9$8$7$5
Unlimited number of scenarios
Access to all premium apps
Unlimited number of modules in a scenario
Customer supportLimitedLimitedPriorityPriority
Cooperation of multiple users
Advanced scheduling 
What is operation, data transfer, and minimum interval?