Supported Triggers

Watch Booking Events INSTANT

Triggers on booking events.

Supported Actions

Accept a Payment

Accepts a payment.

Apply a Promo Code

Applies an existing promo code.

Cancel a Booking

Cancels an existing booking.

Create a Booking

Creates a new booking.

Create a Booking's Comment

Creates a comment for booking.

Create a Client

Creates a new client.

Create a Detailed Report

Creates a new detailed report.

Create a Note

Creates a new note.

Delete a Client

Deletes an existing client.

Delete a Note

Deletes an existing note.

Get a Client

Retrieves an existing client.

Get an Invoice

Retrieves an existing invoice.

Get a Note

Retrieves an existing note.

Get a Report

Retrieves an existing report.

Get Booking's Details

Gets booking's detailed info.

Get Booking's Links

Gets booking's links.

Get the First Available Slot

Retrieves the first available slot.

Issue a Gift Card

Issues an existing gift card.

Make an API Call

Performs an arbitrary authorized API call.

Update a Booking

Updates an exsisting booking.

Update a Client

Updates an existing client.

Update a Note

Updates an existing note.

Supported Searches

Search Available Slots

Searches for available slots or lists them all.

Search Bookings

Searches for bookings or lists them all.

Search Clients

Searches for clients or lists them all.

Search Invoices

Searches for invoices or lists them all.

Search Notes

Searches for notes or lists them all.

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