Mapping an item

Modules in a scenario are linked to one another by item mapping.

Example: Mapping email to Tweet

The scenario below shows how to connect a selected mailbox to your Twitter account.
Whenever a new email arrives in a specified mailbox, Integromat will download it and create a new Tweet from its content.

Start by adding the Email trigger Watch emails to your scenario. Then add the Twitter action Create a Tweet and map the Text content item from the email to the Status field.

How to map items

In the module setting, click the field into which you want to insert a value or a variable (item) from a preceding module. This will open a panel offering all items from preceding modules in the scenario that are available for mapping.

To map an item to a field, click on the item or drag it towards the field.


Functions are available for advanced mapping possibilities. For detailed description see the Functions help guide.

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