How Integromat works

Integromat interconnects your favorite apps into functional scenarios. By seamlessly connecting them, Integromat allows you to concentrate on new tasks rather than repeating the same tasks again and again. You just create a scenario that will watch for new data being created in one service and transfer them automatically to one or more other services. While being executed, scenarios can transform the data they get or use them to get additional data.

Below are a few examples:

Compile and store email content for easy access and reporting

This scenario will watch your email mailbox for new emails and compile the data into a Google Sheets spreadsheet. It will save the Sender, Subject and Content of the email to the spreadsheet and attached files to Dropbox. Additionally, it could save your email attachments to another location (Google Drive, OneDrive, FTP, etc.) so to send email texts to CRM, post the text of the email message with photos to Facebook, or any other communication activities.Integromat offers countless possibilities how you can customise your scenarios.

Monitor Paypal payments

In this scenario, Integromat connects your Paypal account via secured API. When you receive a new payment, Integromat will enter this information into your database so you can immediately begin to provide services to your customer without any unnecessary delay. Or, you can set the scenario to send you a notification every time you receive a payment.

The scenarios in Integromat have no limits. Create your scenario as complex as you need and let it work for you.

Save Google Drive images and videos into two separate Dropbox folders and create thumbnails from the images

This video tutorial shows how to create a scenario that will watch your Google Drive folder for new images and videos. If a new image or video is added to a folder that you specify, Integromat will automatically move it to Dropbox. Images will be saved to the "Pictures" folder and videos to the "Videos" folder. In addition, Integromat will generate from the images thumbnails with a width of 320 pixels and save them to the "Thumbnails" folder.

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