When mapping items, you can use functions. The functions available in Integromat are used similarly as Excel functions or those in programming languages. The functions let you perform various changes to items, such as changing a bundle item to upper case, cutting selected text to a required size, converting a date into different format and many others. Functions are intended for advanced users.

Example: Cutting Tweet text

When writing a new Tweet, you should not exceed the Twitter's 140-character limit. If you create a scenario with a Tweet containing more characters, the scenario run will terminate with an error. If you map a text item that can contain more than 140 characters to be the source field for the Tweet, you may want to use the substring() function that will remove the characters over the limit.

Inserting a function into a field

You insert functions in the same way as you map items. Clicking a target field will open the mapping panel which is divided into several sections. You can switch between them by clicking. The first section (shown upon opening the panel) displays the items that you can map from other modules. In the other sections, you will find different types of available functions.

To insert a function into a field, click the function name or drag it to the target field.

Available functions

Integromat distinguishes 4 types of categories:

  • general functions,
  • math functions,
  • text functions
  • date functions.

To view detailed description of a function, move the cursor above its name in the mapping panel.

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