Execution flow

Once a scenario is correctly set-up and activated, it is executed according to its defined scheme.

The scenario begins with the first module. If it returns any bundles, they are then passed on to the next module in the chain. If this module succeeds, processing continues on to the next module and this is repeated until the last module in the scenario is processed. If all modules are processed correctly, the scenario is marked as Successful.

Example: Connecting Instagram to Dropbox

The example below shows how Integromat interconnects three modules. It explains how Integromat downloads photos from Instagram, resizes them to a smaller size, and sends them to a selected Dropbox folder.

When the scenario begins, the first step is to return a bundle, an Instagram photo. If it does not return a bundle, the processing of the scenario does not continue to the next module and is terminated after the first module.

If more bundles are returned, the bundles then pass through the rest of the scenario, one bundle at a time. If Instagram returns, for example, two bundles, the processing of the latter bundle will not start until the first bundle is resized and uploaded to Dropbox.

Information about processed bundles

Once a scenario run is completed, each module displays an icon showing the number of operations performed. Clicking this icon will display detailed information about the processed bundles. You can see which modules settings were used and which bundles were returned by which module.

The picture beside illustrates the processing of the Dropbox module Upload a file used in the above scenario.

The module received the following input information:

  • Resized image
  • Selected folder where the image shall be uploaded
  • Original name of the Instagram image

After processing, the module returned this output information:

  • Image ID assigned by Dropbox
  • Full path where in Dropbox Integromat uploaded the file

As this is the last module in the scenario, the above information will not be processed any further.

Error occurred while executing a scenario

An error may occur during the scenario run. For example, if you delete the Dropbox folder that you have set as the target folder in the module setting, the scenario will terminate with an error message. For more information, please see the Error processing help guide.

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