Connecting to services

For most packages it is necessary to create a connection, through which Integromat will communicate with a given third party service according to the settings of a specific scenario. If you, for example, want to create a scenario in which you intend to work with your Facebook posts, you must grant access permission to Integromat for your Facebook profile.

Create a connection

You create a connection in the module settings panel. If a given module requires a connection to a service, the Connection will be shown as the first option. You can either select one of the connections created earlier or create a new one.

If you want to create a new connection, click the Add button next to the Connection box. This will bring up a panel for setting up the connection, showing a default connection name. You can change it if you want. For some connection, you may also check the Show advanced settings option and fill in additional fields which will appear. Click on the Create a connection button.

While creating a connection to most third party services, Integromat will redirect you to their respective third webpage where you will be prompted to grant Integromat access to your data.

If everything went right, the connection is successfully established and set up.

Access rights

For every connection, Integromat requires only those access rights that are necessary to successufully complete a given scenario. It means that, if you, for example, create a scenario that shall download posts from Facebook, Integromat will not ask for permission to post them.

Unfortunately, not all services allow to limit access only for specific tasks and Integromat must, therefore, require full access rights. For more information how to restrict Integromat access to your account registered at those services, see the respective Package documentation.

Personal data security is Integromat top priority. For detailed information on how data are secured and protected in Integromat, click here.

Administrating connections

All connections can be administrated from one place in the Connections section. Here you can see which permissions were given to Integromat for each connection and rename, reauthorize or delete existing connections. Clicking the Verify button will check if the connection to the service was established successfully.

Renewing a connection

Integromat usually obtains access rights to a given service for an unlimited period of time. However, this is not always the case. With some services, the access permissions must be renewed after a certain period of time. In these cases, Integromat will notify you via email shortly before its access rights expire. In order to renew a connection, click the Reauthorize button in the Connections section.

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