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Google Calendar
Česká spořitelna veřejná data
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Integromat will automate processes that you currently handle manually. It is not only capable of connecting apps but can also transfer and transform data. It works 24 hours a day, seven days a week and does not require your intervention. Simply set Integromat to do what you want and let it work for you. Save your time!



Listen for Sheet Events INSTANT

Receives notifications about record creation/deletion/update in a selected book sheet.

Google Calendar

Watch events

Triggers when an event is created, updated or deleted in a selected calendar.

Google Calendar

Watch events INSTANT

Processes events where the filled specific email address is guest.

Watch Photos

Triggers when a new photo is added.

Watch Posts

Triggers when a new post is added.

Watch Videos

Triggers when a new video is added.


Watch Contacts

Returns new and updated contacts.



Create a Record

Creates a new record in the selected sheet.


Delete a Record

Deletes the selected record.


Get Book Info

Retrieves basic info about a book.


Read Record

Retrieves details for a single record.


Update a Record

Updates the selected record.


Upload photo

Uploads a photo

Google Calendar

Create an event

Creates a new event.

Google Calendar

Update an event

Updates a specific event (e.g. changes the time of an event).

Google Calendar

Delete an event

Permanently removes an event.

Google Calendar

Get events

Gets events for a specific time period.

Google Calendar

Create a calendar

Creates a new calendar.

Get a Post

Returns details about a post specified by its ID.

Get Post Reactions

Returns number of reactions for a post specified by its ID.

Česká spořitelna veřejná data

Načíst detail transparentního účtu

Načte detail zadaného transparentního účtu.


Add a Contact

Creates a new contact.


Add a Note

Adds a note to contact.


Add a Tag

Adds a tag


Make an API Call

Performs an arbitrary authorized API call.


Remove All Tags

Removes all tags from a contact.


Remove a Tag

Removes a tag from contact.


Update a Contact

Updates contact.


Google Calendar

Iterate attachments

Allows to process event attachments one at a time.

Google Calendar

Iterate attendees

Allows to process attendees one at a time.



Get Book Sheets

Retrieves info about the selected book's sheets.


Get Sheet Fields

Retrieves info about the selected sheet's fields.


Get Sheet Records

Retrieves a list of all records in a sheet.

List Pages

Returns user pages.

List Photos

Returns user photos.

List Posts

Returns user posts.

List Videos

Returns user videos.

Česká spořitelna veřejná data

Načíst bankomaty

Načte seznam bankomatů podle zadaných kritérií.

Česká spořitelna veřejná data

Načíst pobočky

Načte seznam poboček podle zadaných kritérií.

Česká spořitelna veřejná data

Načíst směnné kurzy

Načte seznam všech směnných kurzů.

Česká spořitelna veřejná data

Načíst transakce na transparentním účtu

Načte seznam transakcí na zadaném transparentním účtu.

Česká spořitelna veřejná data

Načíst transparentní účty

Načte seznam transparentních účtů.


Get a Contact

Returns a contact by Contact ID.


List contacts

Lists contacts.