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Integromat will automate processes that you currently handle manually. It is not only capable of connecting apps but can also transfer and transform data. It works 24 hours a day, seven days a week and does not require your intervention. Simply set Integromat to do what you want and let it work for you. Save your time!



New notification INSTANT

Triggers when a new notification is received.


Watch custom app payments

Triggers when a new payment is made or a payment setting is changed.


Watch plans

Triggers when a new plan is added.


Watch transactions

Triggers when a new transaction related to a specified agreement is made .


Action Executed INSTANT

Triggers when an online action is executed.

Coda (beta)

Watch New Docs

Triggers when a new doc is created.

Coda (beta)

Watch New Rows

Triggers when a new row is created in selected table.

Watch Comments

Triggers when a new comment is added.

Watch Photos

Triggers when a new photo is added.

Watch Posts

Triggers when a new post is created.

Watch Videos

Triggers when a new video is uploaded.



Delete row(s) from a table


Execute a query (advanced)


Execute a stored procedure


Insert row into a table


Update row(s) in a table


Create a plan

Creates and activates a billing plan.


Activate a plan

Sets a billing plan to the ACTIVE state. Users will be able to subscribe it.


Deactivate plan

Sets a billing plan to the INACTIVE state. Users will not be able to subscribe to it.


Delete a plan

Permanently removes a billing plan.


Get plans

Gets information about billing plans in a specified state.


Create an agreement (Step 1)

Creates a subcription agreement and returns an approval url link to obtain buyer's approval.


Execute an agreement (Step 2)

Executes a subscription agreement approved by a buyer after Step 1.


Suspend an agreement

Suspends an agreement previously approved by a user.


Reactivate an agreement

Reactivates a previously suspended agreement.


Cancel agreement

Cancels an agreement previously approved by a user.


Get agreement transactions

Returns all transactions related to a specific agreement.


Set outstanding agreement amounts

Sets an outstanding agreement amount.


Get subscription agreement details

Returns subscription agreement details.


Create a payment (Step 1)

Creates a new payment order and returns an approval url link to obtain buyer's approval.


Execute a payment (Step 2)

Executes a payment approved by a buyer after Step 1.


Bill outstanding amount

Bills an outstanding or a preset amount of an agreement.


Get billing plan details

Gets details about a specific billing plan.


Send a notification

Sends a smart notification to your devices.

Coda (beta)

Create a Doc

Creates a new Coda doc, optionally copying an existing doc.

Coda (beta)

Create a Row

Creates a new row in a selected table.

Coda (beta)

Delete a Row

Deletes a specified row from the table. When deleting using a name as opposed to an ID, an arbitrary row will be removed.

Coda (beta)

Get a Column

Returns details about a column in a table.

Coda (beta)

Get a Control

Returns info on a control.

Coda (beta)

Get a Doc

Returns information about the specified doc.

Coda (beta)

Get a Folder

Returns details about a folder.

Coda (beta)

Get a Formula

Returns info on a formula.

Coda (beta)

Get a Row

Returns details about a row in a table.

Coda (beta)

Get a Section

Returns details about a section.

Coda (beta)

Get a Table

Returns details about a specific table.

Coda (beta)

Update a Row

Updates a specified row in the table.

Coda (beta)

Upsert a Row

Creates a new row or updates existing rows if any upsert key columns are provided. When upserting, if multiple rows match the specified key column(s), they will all be updated with the specified value.

Create a Post

Creates a new post in a group.

Get a Post

Returns a post specified by its ID.

Get Post Reactions

Returns number of reactions for a specified post.

Upload a Photo

Uploads a photo.

Upload a Video

Uploads a video.



Iterate recordset of a stored procedure

Iterates through recordset received from a stored procedure.


Retrieve payment definitions

Enables to process each payment definition for a billing plan separately.


Retrieve transactions

Enables to process transactions one at a time.



Select row(s) from a table

Coda (beta)

List Columns

Returns a list of columns in a table.

Coda (beta)

List Controls

Returns a list of controls in a Coda doc.

Coda (beta)

List Docs

Returns a list of Coda docs accessible by the user. These are returned in the same order as on the docs page: reverse chronological by the latest event relevant to the user (last viewed, edited, or shared).

Coda (beta)

List Folders

Returns a list of folders in a Coda doc.

Coda (beta)

List Formulas

Returns a list of named formulas in a Coda doc.

Coda (beta)

List Rows

Returns a list of rows in a table.

Coda (beta)

List Sections

Returns a list of sections in a Coda doc.

Coda (beta)

List Tables

Returns a list of tables in a Coda doc.

List Comments

Returns comments for a specified post.

List Photos

Returns photos from a specified album.

List Posts

Returns posts from a specified group.

List Videos

Returns videos from a specified group.

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