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Integromat will automate processes that you currently handle manually. It is not only capable of connecting apps but can also transfer and transform data. It works 24 hours a day, seven days a week and does not require your intervention. Simply set Integromat to do what you want and let it work for you. Save your time!


Watch Photos

Triggers when a new photo is added.

Watch Posts

Triggers when a new post is added.

Watch Videos

Triggers when a new video is added.

Burst SMS

Watch Delivery Receipt INSTANT

Watches for the delivery receipt to arrive after sending SMS.

Burst SMS

Watch Link Hits INSTANT

Watches for link hits from shorted URL links in SMS being clicked.

Burst SMS

Watch New Contact Added To List INSTANT

Watches for new a contact being added to a list.

Burst SMS

Watch SMS Received to Virtual Number INSTANT

Watches for SMS replies to a specific virtual number.

Burst SMS

Watch SMS Receive to Inbox

Watches for SMS to be received in the inbox.

Burst SMS


Watches for replies to SMS.


Get a Post

Returns details about a post specified by its ID.

Get Post Reactions

Returns number of reactions for a post specified by its ID.

Mail Komplet

Delete Mailing List

Deletes a mailing list

Mail Komplet

Get State of Bulk Import

Gets state of contacts' bulk import.

Mail Komplet

Import Contacts in Bulk

Imports multiple contacts in a bulk. Overwrite mode and preimport action could be specified.

Mail Komplet

Insert Contact

Inserts new contact or updates existing (by email address).

Mail Komplet

Insert Exclude List Item

Inserts new exclude list item

Mail Komplet

Insert Mailing List

Inserts a mailing list

Mail Komplet

Insert Or Update Order

Inserts new order.

Mail Komplet

Insert Or Update Orders

Inserts new orders in batch.

Mail Komplet

Insert Subscribe Request

Inserts a subscribe request.

Mail Komplet

Remove Contact from Mailing List

Removes contacts from selected mailing lists. More contact ids could be specified.

Mail Komplet

Remove Item From Exclude List

Removes an item from exclude list

Mail Komplet

Send Transactional Email with Campaign

Sends a transactional email, based on a campaign, which is set in Mail Komplet.

Mail Komplet

Send Transactional Email without Campaign

Sends a transactional email without setting a campaign in Mail Komplet. Necessary data needs to be set, such as senders' email, name, subject of an email etc.

Mail Komplet

Update Contact

Updates existing contact

Mail Komplet

Update Mailing List

Updates a mailing list

Burst SMS

Add Contact to List

Adds or updates a contact on a list found in CONTACTS.

Burst SMS

Format Number

Formats and validates a given number.

Burst SMS

Make an API Call

Performs an arbitrary authorized API call.

Burst SMS

Remove Contact

Removes a contact from one list or all lists.

Burst SMS

Send SMS

Sends one SMS text message.

Burst SMS

Send SMS to List

Sends an SMS text message to everyone on a specific contact list.

Burst SMS

Update Contact

Updates a contact.


List Pages

Returns user pages.

List Photos

Returns user photos.

List Posts

Returns user posts.

List Videos

Returns user videos.

Mail Komplet

Get an Order's Detail

Gets detail of an order.

Mail Komplet

List Contacts

Lists contacts from your account. It is possible get just one contact by email address or contact ID. You can filter by mailing list ID.

Mail Komplet

List Exclude List Items

Lists exclude list items.

Mail Komplet

List Mailing Lists

Lists mailing lists from your account.

Mail Komplet

List Orders

Lists orders from your account. It is possible to get just one order by order ID. You can filter by shop ID.