Upgrading Gmail and Email App Versions Using Integromat DevTool

This documentation article describes the upgrading of the Gmail app to the latest version using Integromat DevTool. The same upgrade process can be applied to the Email app. 

Do not use Integromat DevTool's Swap App tool unless you know what you are doing!


  • Existing legacy Gmail or Email app versions in your scenario.

Upgrading Gmail Modules to the Latest Version

1. Open the scenario that contains the legacy Gmail app version.

2. Press Control+Shift+I or F12 (Windows) or  Command+Option+I (Mac) on your keyboard to open Chrome Developer Tools.

3. Open the Integromat tab.2020-07-23_09_56_21-Integration_Gmail___Integromat.png

4. Go to Tools > Swap App.


5. In the tool's pane fill the fields as follows:

App to be Replaced Select the legacy Gmail app you want to replace.
Version Select the legacy version of the Gmail app you want to replace. 
Replace with Select the Gmail app you want to replace the legacy modules with.
Version Select the latest version of the Gmail app you want to upgrade the app's modules to.

6. When the source and target app versions are specified, click the Run button (2020-07-24_10_54_28-Integration_Google_Sheets__Google_Calendar___Integromat.png) in the Swap App tool's pane to perform the Swap App action.


All modules of the legacy Gmail app version in your scenario are now upgraded to the desired version.

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