Pricing Parameters

Basic terms

For an explanation of the terms used in Integromat, please read the Basic terms section.

Account parameters

All Integromat paid accounts have access to the same functionalities and features (like Unlimited number of scenarios, Access to all premium modules, Unlimited number of modules in a scenario, etc.). The paid accounts differ most prominently by the number of operations and the amount of data that you can use every month. There are additional parameters. The text below describes them all.
Integromat free accounts have access to the same functionalities and features as paid accounts, except the access to premium apps (e.g. Twitter). Please contact us if you require more information.


An Operation is a task performed by Integromat when executing your scenarios. Regardless of how many bundles a trigger retrieves, every time a trigger is run, it is considered as 1 operation. Every time an action performs a task, it is counted as 1 operation. Suppose, for example, you have a scenario that shall retrieve 2 new Dropbox images and post them to Google Photos and Facebook. In order to execute this scenario, Integromat will perform 5 operations (1x retrieving from Dropbox, 2x posting to Google Photos, and 2x posting to Facebook). The number of operations performed during a scenario run can be found under History. The number of operations you have available depends on the subscription you have purchased. For detailed information on how to count the number of operations click here.

Data transfer

Data transfer is the amount of data transferred through your scenario. Suppose, you have a scenario that retrieves a 100kb image from FTP and reduces its size to 50kb and saves both images to Dropbox. The amount of data used in this scenario is 150kb. The data moved between modules are counted only once, regardless of the number of modules deployed. The amount of data you have available depends on the subscription you have purchased.

Minimum interval

Minimum interval is the shortest possible time in-between two successive scenario runs. You can set the interval in the Schedule setting panel. Again, the minimum interval you have available depends on the subscription you have purchased. 

Maximum number of active scenarios

The number of active scenarios is unlimited for all accounts (with the exception of FREE accounts that are limited to two active scenarios). See Active and inactive scenarios for further information.

Scenario execution timeout

The maximum time for which a scenario is allowed to run. See Scenario execution, cycles and phases for further information.

Internal data storage

Maximum storage capacity for all your data stores. Data stores represent a persistent data storage and are a perfect tool for sharing and transferring data among your scenarios. Data is stored directly in your account, no registration at a third-party service is needed. You can have more than one data store, but the total amount of storage capacity will vary depending upon the subscription you have purchased.

Max number of data stores

Data stores represent a persistent data storage and are a perfect tool for sharing and transferring data among your scenarios. You may think of one Data store as a worksheet in a spreadsheet. See Data store for further information.

Max size of a single file

Some modules can accept a file in their input and/or yield a file in their output. If the maximum file size is exceeded, Integromat proceeds in accordance with the settings of the Enable data loss option. See Working with files for further information.

Webhook queue size

All incoming webhooks are stored in a Webhook queue. The queue can start filling up when the scenario responsible for processing the webhooks is disabled (e.g. due to an error) or is processing the webhooks at a slower rate than they are being received. See Instant triggers (webhooks) for further information.

Incomplete executions store

Incomplete executions is a folder where scenario executions that could not be successfully finalized due to an error are stored. Each incomplete execution contains the scenario's blueprint and all the bundles that can be mapped into the failed module. See Incomplete executions for further information.

Cooperation of multiple users

Each account (with the exception of FREE accounts) can host multiple Organizations and invite other accounts/users to them with various roles. See Adding Users to an Organization for further information.

Advanced scheduling

All accounts (with the exception of FREE accounts) can benefit from advanced scheduling settings that allow to define specific time intervals during which scenarios shall run: time-of-day, weekdays, or months. See Scheduling a scenario for further information.

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