How to iterate columns of a Google Sheet worksheet

In some cases it would be beneficial to iterate a row's columns, i.e. to convert each cell in a row into an individual bundle. If you hover mouse cursor over items in the Google Sheets > Search Rows module's output, you will notice that the raw names of items are in fact zero based indexes:


Using the Repeater module to cycle from 0 to number of columns minus 1 followed by a module employing the get(bundle;3. i) formula seems like a straightforward solution:


The only obstacle is that the first parameter of the get() function should be the whole bundle, which is currently not available in the mapping panel. Nevertheless, the Array aggregator module can be used to push the bundle into a single item array (by exploiting its grouping feature) to which the get() function can already be applied:


Here is the complete scenario:


The formula in the last module contains two nested get() functions. The inner function gets the whole bundle (first item in the single item array), the outer one returns the i-th column from the row.

get(get(4. Array;1);3. i)

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