Custom Mailhook

Mailhook is an instant trigger module that can be triggered by sending an email to the email address generated by this module.

Example Of Use

Mailhook will monitor your incoming emails without the need to have a scheduled run of the scenario. 

1. Add the Custom mailhook to your scenario (Webhooks > Custom mailhook).

2. Generate a mailhook email address, and copy the address to the clipboard.


3. Save and run the scenario.

4. Open your email account settings, and configure forwarding. Use the email address generated by the Custom mailhook module in step 2 (above) as the forwarding address.

For Gmail:

  1. Click the cogwheel (chrome_GwATnJy9uL.png) in the top-right corner, and then click See all settings.
  2. Open the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.nIuvGRPX19.gif
  3. Click the Add a forwarding address button.
  4. Enter the email address you have generated and copied in step 2 above, and click Next.chrome_lSePYJPTVl.png
  5. After that, a popup window will appear. Click Proceed.
  6. A confirmation code has been sent to your mailhook. You can find this code in your scenario in the Custom mailhook module's output under Bundle > Text.2021-03-01_15_22_25-Window.png
  7. Enter the verification code in forwarding settings in your Gmail account, and click Verify.2021-03-01_15_24_31-Settings_-_integromat.doc_gmail.com_-_Gmail.png
  8. Enable the forwarding, and save changes.FxeLxDPHaZ.gif

5. Add other desired modules to the scenario. Then save and activate the scenario.

Now, every time a new email is received in your email account, the Custom mailhook module in your Integromat scenario is triggered and receives the email message data.


  • The sender and various recipient addresses (To: CC: and BCC:) are resolved in the data structure of the incoming mail. Reply-To: can be found in the Header section.

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