Create a Webhook for WooCommerce v1 and save your operations.

Are you tired of your scenario running every 15 mins and then it returns an empty value and you lose an operation? At first, it might seem like its nothing but if we add those 15 mins up you stand to lose at least 96 precious operations in a day. I'm sure you can do the math. 


The following method might look like its the long way but after you have completed it you will have a webhook that will constantly be listening and trigger as soon as there is a purchase or whichever suits your needs. Isn't that worth it. Your precious operations giving you value. 


Step 1. Create a custom webhook first in your scenario. If you should need any information on creating Webhooks click here.   After creating this copy the address to the clipboard. You will need it later on. 


Step 2. After you have done so head over to your WordPress site and log in. Then locate WooCommerce > Setting submenu 


Step 3.

  • 3.1 Select the API tab 
  • 3.2 Select the webhooks submenu. 
  • 3.3 Select ''Add webhook'' icon. 



Step.4 Your webhook should be successfully created as shown in the picture below. 


From the picture above give your webhook a Name (you can be creative here) and then in the Status field, in the drop-down menu select ''Active'' cause we want the webhook to be active and not disabled on its first day of creation. 


Step 5. Let's give our webhook something to listen to such as ''Order created'' this means that our webhook will listen to all orders created and will be triggered when an order has been created. At the same time in the Delivery URL field is where we will put in the webhook address from our Integromat custom webhook. PS you can only create one topic at a time however you can use the same webhook URL to listen to multiple Items. (A lesson for another day)


Step 6. Enter the secret from your keys or you can create a new one and enter in that field. Select API v2 (WP REST API Integration v2). 

Now before you press Save of which I know, you might be in a rush to do just wait a bit. Head over to the Integromat scenario that has our webhook if it is still listening for data great you can head over to your WP and save webhook.


If it is not listening for data no worries, select the redetermine data structure shown in the picture below to make your webhook listen for data. After that has been done then head over to WP and save webhook.


You will receive a success message. Like the one shown below.



If you head over to your Integromat scenario check on your custom webhook module you are supposed to get a successfully determined message shown below.



Click OK. SAVE. Now your webhook is now ready for action. 


After this step you can now go and work, tinker and set your scenario without worrying about the best time schedule setting to adjust your scenario. 


Do drop a line let us know how this has helped you. 

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