Basic scenario settings

Scenario activation

Scenarios can be active or inactive. You can change the scenario status by clicking the ON/OFF button in the scenario detail.

Scenario schedule

Active scenarios are executed according to a schedule. For more information read the Scenario schedule help quide.

Scenario name

To rename a scenario, open the scenario, click on the scenario's name in the top left corner and edit it as you see fit. Pressing the ENTER key or clicking outside the edited field will save the scenario under a new name.

Selecting the first bundle

Triggers allow you to select the first bundle that you want to process in the scenario. For detailed information see the Selecting the first bundle help quide.

Number of returned bundles

Modules, by default, always return two bundles only. This can be changed in the module settings in the field Maximum number of returned bundles.

Advanced scenario settings

Integromat gives you the possibility to configure a number of other advanced settings. For more information refer to the Scenario settings panel.

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