Help Scout (legacy)

Version Legacy

This is a documentation of the legacy Help Scout (legacy) app.
Here is a documentation of the new Help Scout app.

Getting started with Help Scout

To use any of the above modules, you need to connect your Help Scout account to Integromat. If you do not have a Help Scout account yet, you can create one here.

Connecting the Help Scout service to Integromat

To connect your Help Scout account to Integromat, follow the general instructions for Connecting to services. When creating a connection, you will be requested to enter your Help Scout API key. To get the API key, log into your Help Scout account and click the "person" icon on the top right of your account and choose Your Profile. In the menu on the left click on Authentication and go to the tab API Keys. Click the Generate an API Key button, copy the generated key to your clipboard and paste it into the API key field in Integromat.

Generating an API Key

Adding an API Key

Now you can continue and finish your scenario.


The URL address at which Integromat listens for new webhook events from Help Scout must be entered manually in the Help Scout webhooks section. When you create a webhook in Integromat, copy the webhook URL address into your clipboard. Login to your Help Scout account and click on Manage in the top header bar and then on Apps. Use the search box at the top right corner to find the Webhooks section. Click on Webhooks, and then on the Install app button and paste the webhook URL from your clipboard into the Call back URL field. Finally, select which Help Scout events you would like to be notified about in Integromat and click on Save.

Webhooks 2

The Watch conversations webhook

The Watch conversations webhook is able to receive only conversation-related events (Conversation created, Conversation assigned, Conversation deleted, Conversation note added, Conversation customer reply, Conversation agent reply, Conversation merged, Conversation moved, Conversation status updated, Conversation tags updated).

The Watch customers webhook

The Watch customer webhook is only able to receive customer-related webhooks events (Customer created).

The Watch ratings webhook

The Watch ratings webhook is only able to receive rating-related webhooks events (Satisfaction rating received).

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