What makes Integromat unique

We offer cutting-edge features allowing you to create professional integrations. Find out what sets Integromat apart.

Visualize everything you do

With Integromat’s interactive approach and look, you can watch in real-time how your automation is executed and how data flows through your scenario.

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Detailed information about each execution

When executing a specific scenario in Integromat, all operations are logged. This way you can easily see what and when data was processed.

And, if you would like to use Integromat but don't want us to store any transmitted data, you can just turn the logging off.

Functions - as you know them from Excel

In time, you may need to sum up multiple values or move a date value over a few days. Integromat comes with the most commonly used functions for working with text, numbers, dates and lists. New ones are added regularly.

Choose where to start

Do you need to process data that was created before activating your scenario? No problem - Integromat allows you to easily choose whether you want to retrieve data from the past or from after activation, when you run your scenario.


Built-in routers let you duplicate processed data in Integromat easily. By using routers, you can divide your scenario into multiple routes and process the data within each route differently. In addition, you can filter the data that is passing through the routes.

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Error handlers

Error handlers are a very unique feature of Integromat. They allow you to deal with unexpected exceptions, effectively. You can easily create an error handler route with custom logic and filters for any module in your scenario. During execution, the route will handle any exception that has occurred in the scenario. In addition, if an error occurs, you can apply special commands or instructions to specify how the execution shall continue.

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Aggregators and Iterators

Built-in iterators are special modules that allow you to split data into individual parts so that they can be processed separately. For example, if you receive an email with multiple attachments, iterators will let you process each attachment separately.

Reversely, aggregators merge individual data into one single bundle. For example, by using the Archive module you can create a ZIP archive of files that is stored in a specific folder and send it as it's own email attachment afterwards.

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We connect almost anything

With Integromat, you have at your disposal a number of neutral apps, such as HTTP, with which you can call any URL address. In combination with integrated support for OAuth 2 authorization and the JSON app, we give you the power to communicate with a vast majority of modern APIs. All without writing a single line of code.

HTTPMake a requestJSONParse JSON
Unlimited steps

Your integrations (scenarios) may contain an unlimited number of steps.

Visualize everything you do

From the ability to track real-time scenario execution to complete visualization of the data that passes through your scenario, watch your scenario unfold in front of you.

Execution history

For each scenario, we maintain a complete execution history for up to 2 months back.

Live execution

You can run your scenarios manually and observe in real-time how your data passes through it.


You can set up an execution schedule according to your preferences. We can execute your scenario up to every minute. Webhooks are handled immediately.

Choose where you want to start

You can easily choose whether you want to read data from the moment you start the scenario or from a certain point in the past.

Detailed logs

All of the operations that Integromat performs in a scenario are logged in detail, and kept up to several weeks back. With this enabled, you can easily see which data was processed during a run of a scenario.


If you would like to use Integromat without retaining any transferred data, simply disable the logging feature at any time.

Working with files

Integromat allows you to work with files of any type, including texts, troubles, archives, and etc. You can load, transform, save, and etc.


We support transaction processing, which works similarly to classic relational databases.

Incomplete executions

Scenarios interrupted due to an error can be paused, manually corrected, and established where exactly the scenario was disrupted.

Duplication of scenarios

To speed up your work, you can duplicate your scenarios.