Data stores

An Integromat Data store is the perfect tool for storing data from scenarios or for transferring data in between individual scenarios or scenario runs. You can use Data stores to store new data from various systems during synchronization. Data stores are similar to databases or simple tables.

Save new Typeform entries to Data store

This scenario will add every new entry you receive in a Typeform to your data store as a new record.

TypeformWatch entries1Data storeAdd a record1

Create a summary report of the records saved in your Data store and send it via email and Slack

As shown in the image, you can create a scenario that will search your Data store for records that were added during a specified period of time (e.g. last week) and perfom a function on them (e.g. the SUM or AVG function). Integromat will then send the calculated result to your mailbox and Slack. You can schedule the scenario to run as you need, e.g. once a week.

Data storeSearch records1ToolsNumeric aggregator1EmailSend an email1SlackCreate a message1

Create Trello cards from new Google Calendar events and store both the card ID and the event ID in a Data store

Integromat allows you to store the ID number of the newly created Google Calendar event and of the corresponding Trello card in your Data store. By searching for a specific event ID in the Data store you can then easily find the corresponding card ID, and visa versa. This enables you to react to changes made in a specific system and automatically make that same change in another system.

Google CalendarWatch a calendar1TrelloCreate a card1Data storeAdd a record1

When an event is modified in Google Calendar, edit the corresponding Trello card

When an event is modified in Google Calendar, Integromat will search the data store for the ID number of the corresponding Trello card and modify (edit or delete) the Trello card accordingly.
And it can work in the same way vice versa. For example, if you add, edit, or delete a card in Trello, Integromat will make the corresponding change in Google Calendar. This allows you to perform a two-way synchronization.

Google calendarWatch a calendar1Data storeSearch a record1RouterUpdateCancelTrelloEdit a cardTrelloDelete a card1