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Engine by Integromat

Engine by Integromat helps IoT and SaaS companies easily create third-party integrations within their product without the hassle of managing APIs by using Integromat's best-in-class integration technology.

Embed the Engine in your SaaS or IoT

Apps and services
350+ out-of-the-box apps,
services, and devices supported
User experience
Completely own
your user experience
Customer satisfaction
Increase overall
customer satisfaction

Provide native integrations in just a few clicks and keep users inside your product

What your SaaS or IoT does:

Connect your SaaS or IoT
to our 350+ apps directory

Create integration

Implement the widget
in your product

What your users do:

Browse and choose from
your native integration list

Confirm access
and use it

What are they saying about us?

“Our team at Ninox knows how important integrations are for our business users. With Integromat, we've found a reliable partner to help us deliver those integrations. A solution like Engine, which allows users to easily integrate other applications from within Ninox, would be a game changer for our business.”


Morris Huling
Head of Strategic Partners

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About Integromat

Integromat is an integration platform that enables one to connect apps and automate workflows using a beautiful, no-code visual builder.

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Don't build native integrations.
Build your own product.
Use Engine by Integromat.

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