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Tracking Email List Growth with Monthly MailChimp Snapshots

The problem

Email marketers need to keep a close eye on email list growth. Unfortunately, MailChimp makes it impossible to see the statistics of your email list on a specific date in the past. That is where the Monthly MailChimp Snapshots come in handy.

The solution

To solve MailChimp’s lack of month-to-month reporting, I created an automated process that captures the critical statistics of your email lists on a monthly basis. 

These MailChimp list snapshots capture your list’s critical statistics and calculate your subscription churn. 

Email list churn rate refers to how many subscribers join or leave an email list in a given period of time. Our monthly MailChimp snapshots will calculate your list’s churn each month. Churn is calculated as: 


For example, if your list had 1000 subscribers last month and 1200 subscribers this month, your churn would be 16.7%. This means your list grew 16.7% since last month!

If your list had 1100 subscribers last month and 1000 subscribers this month, your churn would be -10%. Your list shrunk 10% during the past month. 


The benefits

  • Track your MailChimp list’s critical statistics over time
  • Understand exactly how your email list growths each month

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