workflow automation

July 28, 20214 minutes read

Built With Integromat: Habitium's Automated Order Management System

July 23, 20219 minutes read

How to Easily Import Leads from Facebook to Mailchimp and Airtable

Learn how to automatically upload leads from Facebook Leads Ads to Mailchimp, while storing them in Airtable too.

July 21, 20215 minutes read

Recruitment Automation: How Flexiple Helps Startups Find Great Talent

July 1, 20215 minutes read

Workflow vs Process: How to Tell Them Apart?

June 28, 20214 minutes read

How Integromat Restyled a Textile Printer into a Roaring Apparel Firm

June 25, 20215 minutes read

Automated Reporting: Get Rolling With 4 Easy, Practical Solutions

marketing automation examples
June 15, 202111 minutes read

22 Exciting Marketing Automation Examples for Innovative Marketers

June 1, 20217 minutes read

9 Easy Ways to Automate Your Remote Onboarding Today

May 19, 20216 minutes read

How Scentia Saves 10/hrs a Week with Client Onboarding Automation

May 5, 20215 minutes read

How Integromat Helped Turn a 2-hour Task Into a 5-minute One

May 3, 202111 minutes read

Lead Automation: 9 Practical Solutions to Accelerate Your Sales

April 29, 20215 minutes read

How an Entrepreneur Built an Epic Product in a Week with Integromat

April 23, 202114 minutes read

20+ Sales Automation Benefits No Salesperson Can Ignore in 2021

April 19, 20218 minutes read

How to Automate Employee Onboarding in Minutes with Integromat

In this guide, you will find five free templates to automate the onboarding process and make work easier for your HR team.

April 15, 20215 minutes read

How Panama Boosted COVID testing with Survey123 and Integromat

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