web development

October 22, 20217 minutes read

What Are Webhooks and Why Would You Use Them?

September 22, 20207 minutes read

The Best 5 Ecommerce Platforms in 2020

Six makers and professionals standing outside and talking about automation.
August 7, 202015 minutes read

The Making of a Maker: Six Professionals Share Their Stories

A UX designer working on a website wireframe.
May 11, 20207 minutes read

The Best Wireframing Tools (According to 10 UX Specialists)

We asked top professionals about their favorite wireframing tools, and the results are in! Read on to see what designers and UX experts are recommending in 2020.

People with face masks watching covid19 real time data.
April 6, 20206 minutes read

Introducing the COVID-19 App: Real-Time Data for Your Project

In an effort to support communities, businesses, and institutions, we are introducing the COVID-19 Integromat App. Get real-time data for your project now!

Customer support communication.
March 20, 20202 minutes read

An Emergency Communication System Built with Airtable and Integromat

Connect volunteers and people in need of assistance with this scalable, automated emergency communication system. Integromat helps you help others!

People working with Google Sheets.
February 4, 20201 minute read

How to Import Data from Google Sheets into Your Bubble Database

Tired of the repetitive (and costly) task of importing Google Sheets data into Bubble? Automate the workflow and move data between apps seamlessly (and for free).

Bloggers writing a blog post in WordPress.
January 15, 20204 minutes read

From Medium to WordPress: Our Blog Migration Story

A no-code specialist working outside.
January 10, 20208 minutes read

Gems, Curiosities, and Must-Haves from the No-Code Industry

Three people using a no-code web building platform.
November 18, 201915 minutes read

24 Most Powerful Tools You Need to Build Without Code

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