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November 4, 20206 minutes read

The 6 Best Customer Support Platforms for Ecommerce

A woman with headphones working as a customer support.
May 22, 20204 minutes read

Zendesk Automation: 5 Integromat Templates to Get You Started

A woman with headphones providing a customer support.
March 17, 20208 minutes read

Automated Customer Service: Leverage Technology to Provide Exceptional Customer Support

Automation technology has heralded a new era for customer support. Use it wisely, and it can help you achieve the highest peak in customer support at scale.

A customer support team working in the office.
February 7, 20207 minutes read

How to Build and Grow Customer Support in a Product-First Company

How to strike the right balance between customer expectations and product development? Keep these tips in mind when aligning your strategies.

Emailing issues.
January 30, 20203 minutes read

Creating a Gmail Ticketing System with Integromat

Create a Gmail ticketing system to keep your messages organized, and your priorities straight at all times. Integromat helps you do it!

A woman with headphones providing customer support of her business.
May 22, 20194 minutes read

Customer Service 24/7: How to Automate Processes for Phone Calls to Your Small Business

A customer support guy with headphones answering people on live chat.
April 11, 20195 minutes read

7 Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Live Chat System for Your Business

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