May 26, 202112 minutes read

Google Sheets Automation for Ecommerce: 23 Free Templates

Using Google Sheets in your ecommerce? Here are 23 templates to automate ecommerce tasks involving Google Sheets.

March 18, 20217 minutes read

Like a Champ: How to Save Strava Activities to Google Sheets

Do you track Strava activities and want more in-depth analysis? Learn how to automatically transfer Strava data to Google Sheets to keep track of your progress.

A businessman with a suitcase running to work.
August 17, 20205 minutes read

This Contract Management Hack Can Spare Your Company from a PR Disaster

A woman with a laptop and a man working on Airtable integrations in Integromat.
July 28, 20208 minutes read

9 Airtable Integrations You Can Deploy in Minutes with Integromat

A laptop with e-signature.
March 25, 20201 minute read

A Simple Digital Signature Solution for Your Forms

A simple, responsive solution for people to digitally sign their acknowledgment of deals, contracts, and other agreements.

A laptop showing automated accounting and invoicing processes.
February 12, 20205 minutes read

How to Automatically Transfer Email Purchase Orders to Google Sheets and Create Invoices with Xero

Still manually updating Google Sheets and creating Xero invoices for orders received through email? Learn how to automate this process!

People working with Google Sheets.
February 4, 20201 minute read

How to Import Data from Google Sheets into Your Bubble Database

Tired of the repetitive (and costly) task of importing Google Sheets data into Bubble? Automate the workflow and move data between apps seamlessly (and for free).

Colleagues with their laptops working with Google Sheets and CloudConvert.
February 4, 20202 minutes read

How to Convert Google Sheets to Various Formats with CloudConvert

This tutorial will show you how to connect CloudConvert and Integromat to automatically convert Google Sheets files into PDF, and save them to Google Drive.

Two people with a phone sharing ideas about barcodes.
January 31, 20205 minutes read

How to Gather Leads Through a Prize Giveaway Using Barcodes, Google Sheets and Webhooks

Learn how to gather leads using webhooks and a barcode. Let Integromat do the dirty wor and build long-term relationship with your customers.

January 24, 20202 minutes read

How to Use the Google Sheets Perform a Function Module

Similar to the built-in functions on Google Sheets (Average, Sum), Integromat has its own custom function which can also be used on the sheet.

Colleagues watching changes in Google Sheets spreadsheet.
January 22, 20204 minutes read

How to Use the Google Sheets Watch Changes Module

Learn how to automatically send an email whenever a Google spreadsheet is updated. A step-by-step guide from your friends at Integromat!

Three people using a no-code web building platform.
November 18, 201915 minutes read

24 Most Powerful Tools You Need to Build Without Code

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